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Moelbryn is the ancient celtic name for the Malvern Hills, a dramatic ridge of volcanic rock that spans the counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire and dominates the surrounding countryside. Towards the south of the Malverns lies the Eastnor Vale, a picturesque valley amongst the woods and ridges of which lies the village of Eastnor.

This weblog focuses on the stories, folklore and history of the area - the hills, buildings, woods and ruins, tales of faerie folk, witches, druids and giants.

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Writers Note...


I'd just like to point out the posting on this thread has merely paused and not stopped entirely. There's is still far more for me to publish concerning Eastnor and the Malvern Hills. After that perhaps I will increase the locality to include the quaint market town of Ledbury.

However I'm rather tied up with University now, and have little opportunity to rome the shire taking photos and generally being inspired. Rest assured though that posting will resume just as soon as possible though.


Anonymous said...

Lovely site bringing back memories of a childhood spent growing up and going to school in Malvern. To be picky, I knew the Beauchamp family in the 1950's and they were Earl and Countess Beauchamp not Lord. I think his wife was Dutch or Belgian.They lived at Madresfield Court, which had a maze and were apparently the prototype for Brideshead Revisited. The 'earl in waiting' only had daughters and so I don't know what happened to the title. The 'earl in waiting' lived in Hanley Castle.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the late Countess Beauchamp, wife of the 8th and last Earl, was Danish by birth and the daughter of the once well-known Danish character actor Viggo Schiwe, of Copenhagen.
The Beauchamp Earldom sadly became extinct on the death of the 8th Earl in 1979, as Lord Beauchamp´s younger brother and heir presumptive, the Hon Richard Lygon, had pre-deceased him in 1970, having had two daughters who could not succeed to the title.
Madresfield Court and its estate is, however, still happily owned by and lived in by the Lygon family. It is currently the home of the Hon Lady Morrison, a niece of the late 8th Earl Beauchamp and the younger daughter of the late Hon Richard Lygon.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous

I'm addressing myself to the person who wrote the corrective comment regarding the 8th Earl Beauchamp and his Danish wife. I should be interested to know who you are, since you evidently know the Lygon family well and, more surprisingly, also know about Viggo Schiwe. Mona Beacuchamp was my grandmother and therefore Viggo was my maternal great-grandfather. I'm interested to know who you are, because I came across this website when I was researching Viggo Schiwe and his friendship with August Strindberg. Not many people know about Viggo Schiwe. Therefore I should be intriqued to receive a comment from you. I should be esp. interested if you an throw any light on the friendship between Strindberg and Schiwe, a fiendship celebrated in an interesting play called Tribaderne which is a play within a play.

My name is Peter de la Cour
My email is delacour3@aol.com

Moggz said...

This all sounds very interesting, if somewhat beyond me!

Could anyone tell me if there is actually any accuracy in the suggestion that a Lord Beauchamp built Bronsil Castle and in the 15th century and died tragically in Italy? Or are my sources poor?

Also, good luck to Anonymous in their quest to find Anonymous. glad you found something of interest here.