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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Circle of Perpetual Choirs

There are many different notions surrounding the concept of the Circle of Perpetual Choirs of Britain. It seems most commonly suggested that choirs of Druids would maintain perpetual chanting at a number of key points across the country, and that this was intended to maintain a permanent spell of enchantment or peace across the land.

The Magic Oak (Pagan Oak) is disputably at or near the centre of one such circle of choirs. There is so much contradicting information and speculation surrounding the Circle of Perpetual Choirs that I dare not venture into even attempting to provide factual information on this topic.

Below is a map by a local resident Madan (also a commenter on this weblog) that was left in the gnarled roots of the oak tree near Ragged Stone Hill.

Map depicting the 'Circle of Perpetual Choirs'

For further information I would also highly recommend Awugabunnies, which features a wealth of information and detailed research into sacred geometries, including the Circle of Perpetual Choirs.

I would like to thank both Geoff and Madan for there comments on this post, and urge you to take a look.


Anonymous said...

2 scuba-diving choirs?

Anonymous said...

From Madan
(who made the original map)...
In response to Geoff & Ed's comments:
1) All the circles and straight lines are geometrically correct. The photo has created some apparent distortions, that's all.
2) A 120 metre fluctuation in sea levels over the last 10,000 years accounts for 'sunken' locations. Note also that 'Seahenge' (a site now under water at high tide) was most likely constructed on dry land.
3) Refer to the map in 'The Measure of Albion' (published 2004) by noted authorities Robin Heath and John Michell to verify accuracy of stated locations.
For further details regarding this map (first published in 2005 edition of Festival Eye)& how it connects to significant centres across Europe, Israel & India, please write to Madan at:

Anonymous said...

Here's some stunning facts for sacred geometry fans, some of which don't yet seem (as far as I know at Oct 2006) to have been declared publicly:

The twin circles that form the perimeters of London's extraordinary 'Earthstar' formations, (centred on the Brock House annexe to BBC Broadcasting House, W1) are 1080 times the size of the inner and outer rings at Stonehenge.

1080 is the radius
of the Moon in miles!

n.b. The two pairs of circles in both cases share identical proportions of 11:14 or 1:1.27, figures which are derived directly from relative Earth/Moon dimensions.

Earth dia. (7920 miles) = 11 x 720
Moon dia. (2160 miles) = 3 x 720
Sun dia.
(864,000 miles) = 1200 x 720

Inner Circle (Earth) = 11
Outer Circle (Earth + Moon) = 14

The 432,000 mile radius of the Sun also corresponds with the 432,000 year length of the Kali-yuga (the present age according to the Vedas).

Previous ages:
Satya-yuga 1,728,000 years
Treta-yuga 1,296,000 years
Dvarapa-yuga 864,000 years

i.e. the Great Seasons of time run in a continuous 4-3-2-1 sequence of decline and renewal over vast aeons.

Notably, the English mile is a standrd unit of measure corresponding directly to Vedic units of both time and space.

More notably, the Druids were walking repositories of the Old Knowledge, guardians of truth and identical in almost every respect to
the Vedic Brahmins of India. Celtic and Vedic societies are practically inseparable in customs, culture and law, and almost identical in language.

'Earthstars: The Visionary Landscape' is reviewed at:


Anonymous said...


have you got a banner i can post to this site from mine, please?


Anonymous said...

You will find an up-to-date look at the Circle of Perpetual Choirs at www.awugabunnies.co.uk
There's still SO MUCH DROSS being writtem. Guy from Glastonbury published ISLE OF AVALON ... and said one choir (of the CPC) was Bangor Is-coed in "South Wales"! So someone's moved Wrexham, then?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that.
Search Perpetual Choirs on live.com

cheers, mate,


Anonymous said...

For a downloadable copy of the original UK Perpetual Choirs map, now updated for the Summer of Love 2007 celebrations, please go to:
May 1st 2007 is the beginning of a 100-day Festival of Harmonic Resonance, aimed at reviving the Perpetual Choirs by encouraging pilgrimage to and group singing at all the UK choir sites. 100 days = 144,000 minutes and corresponds with the speed of light (144,000 minutes of arc per second). The petals of the lower 6 chakras up to the brow add up to 144. When the 7th chakra (1000-petal crown) is fully activated, enlightenment is indicated by individuals radiating light (144,000) from their foreheads, univesally recognised in all spiritual traditions as the saintly halo.
Light, Love & Peace! MM =:-)

Anonymous said...

www.awugabunnies.co.uk/8.html now carries the stunning picture taken by Moggz of the Malverns from the top of Raggedstone, courtesy of this admin. stalwart of the WhiteLeaf Collective (WLC). Thanks for that.

Insofar as this ever was a Circle of Perpetual Choirs (CPC), this photo was taken just in front of its centre, on Lat. 52.025, a 'mirror'.


Anonymous said...

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geoffss said...

Awugabunnies R.I.P.
Replaced/extended at




Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Madan said...

There's now a good downloadable version of the UK Perpetual Choirs map at
plus tons of other astonishing sacred geometry info about London - City of Revelation, etc.
Light, love and peace, Madan =:-)

chris street said...

It's worth remembering that the western choir circle was first mentioned by John Michell, while the Eastern Choir centred on Saffron Waldron was first researched by Peter Quiller.
For more information on the Earthstars Circles centred on London, see wwww.earthstars.co.uk

chris street said...

It is worth remembering that the first suggestion of the Western Choirs circle centred on Malvern's Hills came from John Michell. The research on the eastern choir circle centred on Saffron Wladron was done in the late 70s and early 80s by Peter Quiller who lived in Stevenage at the time.
For further information on the two Earthstars circles centred on London, see www.earthstars.co.uk