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Moelbryn is the ancient celtic name for the Malvern Hills, a dramatic ridge of volcanic rock that spans the counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire and dominates the surrounding countryside. Towards the south of the Malverns lies the Eastnor Vale, a picturesque valley amongst the woods and ridges of which lies the village of Eastnor.

This weblog focuses on the stories, folklore and history of the area - the hills, buildings, woods and ruins, tales of faerie folk, witches, druids and giants.

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Names & heights of the hills and passes on the Malvern ridge

For a diagram depicting the entirity of the Malvern ridge, giving the names and heights of each summit and pass, please click the link below:

The Malvern Hills seen from the Severn plain


geoff said...

Just looked at Cross-Section.

This is a fascinating site! My congratulations.

Query: Is your Raggedstone-Midsummer perfect or is it a little
more bottomed-out in the valley, creating a crow's bill/throne/crescent moon effect please?

Anonymous said...

on which hill is the obelisk? I thought it was midsummer - and we were always told that Bronsil treasure would be found on midsummers day, as its shadow fell over the island....
ragged stones was also the story of a monk who had to push a large stone to the peak from one to the other... ah how these fables change.

Moggz said...

Hi Anonymous,

The obelisk is in Eastnor Deer park, and not part of the main ridge of the Malverns. Midsummer & Hollybush hills are just behind the obelisk (if you're looking at the hills from the west).


B Hickman said...

Hi Moggz I notice some links have been hijackded by some site headed Web Town? e.g. Unable see your diagram of the named hills and passes.

THanks for the site